WG M9 CO2 Non-Blowback Pistol


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The WG M9 CO2 is a powerful non-blowback airsoft pistol. It is powered by CO2 cartridge which is housed in the pistol grip. This airsoft handgun can fire at least 90 rounds of BB’s on one cartridge. This airsoft pistol is made entirely of durable plastic. The slender magazine is double stack and holds 15 rounds. The FPS on this non-blowback pistol is close to 500 with 0.20g BBs. This handgun can shred a soda can from 20 feet out. NOTE: Since this hand gun fires over 400 FPS, it may not be allowed on fields with FPS limit under 400 FPS.


Manufacturer: WinGun (WG)
Propellant: CO2 cartridge (sold separately)
FPS: Over 400 with 0.20g BBs
Magazine: Double stack, 15 rounds


Instruction Manual
Sample BBs

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 2 in


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